Biario news: Settings and time zones

Web application v. 1.21.2022.03
From goal-setting and planning to analysis of results and making decisions. Experience a new level of personal efficiency!


  • It is possible to download full user account data. You can do this on the Settings page (user menu -> Settings).
  • Now while deleting a user account users can provide reasons and comments. If you decide to permanently delete your account, it can be done on the Settings page too.


  • The page of user account settings has been updated. User account time zone now can be chosen with the two-level drop-down list of countries and time zones.
  • While registering a new user account, its time zone is being set according to the settings of the user's computer.
  • Goals tracking for Boolean values has been improved visually, including the value density chart.


  • Application of time zone from the user account settings to notes, notifications and goals tracking.
  • Error in case of the empty Inbox.

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