Biario news: Adding notes to existing tasks

Web application v. 1.22.2022.06
From goal-setting and planning to analysis of results and making decisions. Experience a new level of personal efficiency!


  • In the Tasks module appeared the option to add notes from the Inbox to existing tasks. For this it is necessary to use the button “Attach note” instead of “Create note” in the “Notes” tab of a selected task.
  • Added the goal progress report that shows achievement dynamics for a goal with specified criteria. Such a report is available as a general report in the Reports module and for the recent time on the goal overview page.


  • The new date/time picker component is used in reports and task properties what allows working correctly in a time zone specified in user account settings.
  • Location of the modules for tracking and contacts has been changed. Now Time-tracking and Goals are available immediately in the top menu while the Contacts are relocated to the Settings. This change allows switching between the tracking modules quicker.
  • Improved interaction with users in the Settings module.
  • Internal improvements made for administering users.


  • Issues with sending emails have been fixed.
  • Restored choice of Evernote notebooks in some situations.

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