Biario news: Goal reminders

Web application v. 1.23.2022.10
From goal-setting and planning to analysis of results and making decisions. Experience a new level of personal efficiency!


  • Now you can get notifications for goals with maximizing criteria, i.e. such ones for which you wish to achieve higher values. As soon as the forecast for the current period decreases, a reminder to enter a new value arrives.
  • From the time-tracking calendar it is possible to switch to a selected task in the Tasks module.


  • In the Tasks module for a selected task besides notes from the Inbox now it is possible to attach notes from other tasks (both simple and from Evernote). In order to easier find the needed notes, use search by their contents and filtering by type.


  • After changing recurrence task properties their removed occurrences appeared again in the calendar of plans.
  • Reminder property in tasks with already specified values in the past did not allow setting the current day.

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