Biario news: Improvements in time and goal tracking

Web application v. 1.23.2022.11
From goal-setting and planning to analysis of results and making decisions. Experience a new level of personal efficiency!


  • New registered users now receive welcome emails to easily get familiar with Biario.
  • Goals in reports are grouped by their statuses to focus on active ones.
  • In the task properties panel appeared the star of favorite task status.


  • In the list of tasks for time-tracking favorite tasks are listed from the top, then go tasks for which time has been recorded in the previous 24 hours and only after that all other tasks. This allows having at hand all often and recently used tasks.


  • Wrapping lines in goal descriptions.
  • Displaying goal achievement status for goals without specified criteria.
  • Error message on trying to save modifications for a goal without criteria.
  • Canceling tasks with subtasks of multiple levels.

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