Biario news: Reminders about active goals with criteria

Web application v. 1.25.2023.05
From goal-setting and planning to analysis of results and making decisions. Experience a new level of personal efficiency!


  • Reminders for all active goals with specified criteria are being sent now in the beginning of their aggregation periods. In user account settings you can set the time of such reminders (by default set to 8am).


  • Auto-sizing of the field height added for notes in context-contacts according to entered text.
  • Minor visual improvements made in the settings and the introductory demo.
  • The setting of Facebook account connection was made hidden for the Russian localization in order to speed up loading the settings page (due to blocking Facebook in Russia).
  • Labels of the pin/unpin task actions in the calendar changed to make them clearer.
  • Improved showing data for all time in the report “Goal progress”.


  • Missing values on the chart of goals progress on the first day of month.
  • Determining a country in the settings based on the automatically detected time zone.
  • Error in selection of tasks in the calendar of plans in some cases.
  • Reminders for tasks recurring monthly and yearly.
  • Showing tooltips after the introductory demo.

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