Biario news: Remaining values for goals

Web application v. 1.26.2023.07
From goal-setting and planning to analysis of results and making decisions. Experience a new level of personal efficiency!

  • Average remaining values for numeric goals are now shown in the upcoming days of the current period according to the criteria of goals. So you will be able to know what values you need to collect or vice versa do not exceed during the day (depending on a goal type).
  • Now we delete data of users who did not log in to the system for more than three years. Thus we will ensure optimal use of Biario infrastructural resources and will provide them in the first order to regular users. In order to keep your data, if it is still relevant, log in to your Biario account through the web version or Android app until September 1, 2023. User accounts themselves will not be deleted so you will be able to log in with your former username and begin from scratch.
  • We also made some other improvements for the system infrastructure that will help us to manage it better and help you, meanwhile you will be able to enjoy its more reliable performance.

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